On The Move

On The Move

  • 자 :안소민
  • 출판사 :지식과감성#
  • 출판년 :2019-09-11
  • 공급사 :(주)북큐브네트웍스 (2020-02-27)
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This book is a compilation of the different versions of me from the past. From messy toddler-scribbles to early diary entries to book reports to essays to self-reflective speeches to research papers, I pooled my life’s works and resources in this short but poignant publication. Collecting these pieces took ages in itself, even before all the editing and revision started. I would like to thank every teacher who ever taught me and helped shaped me into the person I am now, and my family for supporting me unconditionally.

- 본문 중에서 -

〈On The Move〉는 청심국제고등학교에 재학 중인 저자가 어린 시절부터 지금까지 써온 에세이, 리포트, 저널 등을 엮은 영어 에세이집이다.

저자의 지난 발자취를 제1부 ‘While I was in Elementary School’, 제2부 ‘While I was in Middle School’, 제3부 ‘While I was in High School’로 나누어 구성하였다.

〈On The Move〉를 통해, 저자의 생생한 성장기를 들여다봄과 동시에 그의 진솔하면서도 매력적인 생각과 만나 보는 시간을 가지길 바란다.

〈Words of Praise〉

This is a charming read for gliding over the landscape of personal growth when so much seems to twinkle than toll before early adulthood. It is also an encouraging suggestion for writing to free oneself from the usual strictures of academic writing, which often manacles people from finding and endorsing oneself.

- 한일규, CSIA

An amazing memoir of essays that showcase the development of a child into a teenager to a young adult. An inspiring read.

- 김은선, CheongShim International Academy

As someone who has always viewed Somin's writing as impressive beyond her years, this collection of essays is a precious insight into the intellectual development behind this accomplished, inspiring person. The flashes of brilliance that would characterize her later writings are hinted at throughout, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the development of a writing prowess evident in her more contemporary works. If the current trajectory of the quality of Somin's writing continues on its same course, there is no doubt that this publication will be the rst of many, and will act as a baseline for other aspiring writers in the future.

- Liam Birch, CheongShim International Academy


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