Joy Met Thailand

Joy Met Thailand

  • 자 :Joy Park
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  • 출판년 :2018-07-28
  • 공급사 :(주)북큐브네트웍스 (2020-02-27)
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This is travelling diary with photos.

Never has there been a country more fascinating and beguiling as Thailand. Are you familiar with its diverse people, varied landscapes, and rich history? I have already been to Thailand’s international airport more than four times. I visited the country for the first time as a student backpacker and had some stopovers there en route to other countries.

The 1956 film The King and I is based on the true story of a governess that taught the King’s children in the late nineteenth century. This film became so popular that people started to put Thailand down on their list of places they wanted to visit.

Called “the country of smiles”, it has transformed into a great tourist destination. The country abounds in historic sites and charming resorts. It is a convenient place to visit with plenty of reasonably-priced accommodations and restaurants. The locals say, “Everything in Thailand is for the King and of the King.” The monarchy and Buddhism are the pillars of the land.

One thing I noticed when making inquiries about bus transportation at the airport, was that the office clerk I talked to was frowning and looked exhausted. It was no surprise that the airport staff were tired of having to deal with crowds of foreign tourists coming and going.

Most tourists must pay a fee to stay one month. At the time of my visit, a lot of people from all around the world including South Koreans like me were allowed stay in Thailand for 60 days free of charge.

Thailand is a major tourist destination, and it is a country that foreigners first think of as one of their favorite countries to visit among the Asian countries.


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