Papua New Guinea Photo Essay

Papua New Guinea Photo Essay

  • 자 :Joy Park
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  • 출판년 :2018-06-06
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This is travelling diary with photos. Papua New Guinea?

It may be the name of a country that has not heard much from most people. Papua New Guinea is actually less well known than Australia and New Zealand, which are close countries.

Historically, it was under the control of Germany and Britain, also under Japanese invasion and Australian power, and it became independent in 1975.

In Papua New Guinea, we have met people who are willing to help wherever we go. People were friendly and appreciative.

When you travel, it is very important that what kind of people we meet. The most impressive thing was the local people for us.

The good message of the woman we met in the local area remains impressive.

She said,

"Even if someone has forcibly taken mine or does not give back what I need to get back, I can receive the blessing that is appropriate elsewhere. From God, too. On the other hand, the person who took it with the compulsion could think that he took advantage of it right away, but the unrighteous money would run out like water from the tap.”

And when we left Papua New Guinea, the man named Fred, who was in the next seat in the airplane, told me his story.

In summary,

"My mother was the second wife of my father and he gave her half of his land, but when my mother died early, he took away the land again. He did not think he would give it back even if I thought I needed some land to do business. By the way, when I forgave my father a few years later, the land next to him came at a low price so that I could buy it, and now I am doing the hotel business on that land. "

As the woman said, a man named Fred was blessed in elsewhere. Their beautiful message of being blessed elsewhere, although others took away precious things, was the most impressive one on this trip.

Local food is also important and the meal made with a lot of coconut milk was rich in nutrition and taste.

A country where life of message and fashion are alive! And it was the country where the simple life is valuable.


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